Simeis 57 (Propeller Nebula)

Objects Simeis 57, DWB107, DWB108, DWB111, DWB118, DWB119, DWB125, DWB126, Propeller Nebula
Description A peculiar nebula shaped like a propeller in Cygnus. 57th in the Simeis Catalog of HII regions, and 111 + 119 in the Dickel, Wendker, Bieritz catalog of HII regions in the Cygnus X region. This is a field I've returned to a number of times to test new ideas and skills in processing. This latest image was inspired by Andy Campbell's recent talk on the Astro imaging channel and Eric Coles' recent SHO images with their soft, colorful look.
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Simeis 57 by is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 Licesnse.
Acquisition Dates July 3, 2018; Oct. 20, 2018; Oct. 8, 2020
Date Published 2020-10-11
Locations Newark, DE; Somerville, MA; Oakham, MA
Optics Stellarvue SVQ86
Mount Orion Atlas EQ-G
Camera ZWO ASI-1600 MM-Cool (v3)
Filters Astrodon Ha (5nm), SII (3nm), OIII (3nm)
Guiding ZWO ASI290MM Mini and Astromania 60mm guidescope
Gain 200
Cooling -15C
Integration Total: 11.3 hours; Ha: 29 x 300"; OIII: 10 x 300" and 35 x 600" ; SII: 27 x 300"
Software Mount Control: EQMOD; Planetarium: Cartes Du Ciel; Acuisition: Sequence Generator Pro; Guiding: PHD2; Polar Alignment: QHY Polemaster; Processing: PixInsight 1.8.5 and Photoshop CS6
RA/DEC Center 304.265, 43.494
Orientation (E of N) 30.2 degrees
Links Astrobin; WorldWideTelescope
Simeis 57 in the WorldWideTelescope screenshot