Object NGC6888, PN G75.5+1.7, Crescent Nebula, Soap Bubble Nebula
Description The Crescent Nebula is a complex emission nebula in Cygnus formed by the collision of stellar winds from a wolf-rayet star. The Soap Bubble Nebula is a fainter planetary nebula discovered by amatuer Dave Jurasevich in 2007.
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NGC6888 by Nico Carver is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 Licesnse.
Acquisition Dates 07/09/17; 07/16/17
Locations Backyard, Newark, DE
Optics Vernonscope "Brandon" 94mm (property of Delaware Astronomical Society)
Mount Orion Atlas EQ-G
Camera ZWO ASI-1600 MM-Cool (v3)
Filters Astrodon Ha (5nm), OIII (3nm)
Guiding QHY 5Lii Mono and Orion 50mm guidescope
Gain 200
Cooling -15C
Integration Total: 3.2 hours; Ha: 18x300"; OIII: 21x300"
Software Mount Control: EQMOD; Planetarium: Cartes Du Ciel; Acuisition: Sequence Generator Pro; Guiding: PHD2; Polar Alignment: QHY Polemaster; Processing: PixInsight 1.8.5 and Photoshop CS6
RA/DEC Center 303.217, 38.404
Orientation (E of N) 79.4 degrees
Links Astrobin; WorldWideTelescope
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