Deep Sky Astrophotography - Equipment Overview and Setup


After watching the video, I suggest you write out your own checklist to develop a pattern for setting up your gear. This is an example of my checklist for setting up. Download as: Word or PDF.

I found this guide [PDF] for making a tripod spreader very useful. If you have a different mount/tripod, it is easily adaptable. The guide is written by Paul Suroweic of the Michiana Astronomical Society.

To 3D print your own Bahtinov mask for accurate manual focusing, I suggest starting with AstroJargon's incredibly useful Bahtinov Mask Generator, which will generate a SVG file, you can then import that SVG file in to tinkercad, add a collar, and download as an STL file for 3D printing. For 3D printing, either find a local place/friend or you can try 3d Hubs to shop around for the best price. Here is an example of a Bahtinov mask I made for a Skywatcher 80mm doublet refractor:

Software and Apps

Further Reading

Equipment mentioned in video

Polar Alignment
  • Astrodon 1.25" Mounted Tru-balance "E" Series LRGB, 5nm Ha, 3nm OIII, 3nm SII
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