Image of sh2-115, SHO
SII, HA, and OIII mapped to R,G,B to make full color image. Click here or on the image above for full-size, 3073x3840px (10.1 MB)

Sh2-115 and Abell 71

Object Sh2-115; Sh2-116; Abell 71
Description A chaotic, but visually dynamic patch of the night sky in Cygnus. This is panel 45 out of 66 in a bigger mosaic project I started in 2018. I think this panel stands well on it's own, and has convinced me that shooting SII might really be worth it for the whole project. Ha and SII from Somerville (Bortle 9); OIII from Oakham (Bortle 5).
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Sh2-115 and Abell 71 by is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 Licesnse.
Acquisition Dates August 1, 2020; September 5, 2020; September 20, 2020
Date Published 2020-10-1
Locations Narrowband was shot in Somerville, MA (SQM reading at zenith = 18.0 mpsas). Broadband was shot at the Aldrich Observatory Field in Oakham, MA. (SQM reading at zenith = 20.8 mpsas)
Optics Stellarvue SVQ86
Mount Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro
Camera ZWO ASI-1600 MM-Cool (v3)
Filters Astrodon Ha (5nm), OIII (3nm), SII (3nm)
Guiding ZWO ASI290MM Mini and Astromania 60mm guidescope
Gain 200
Cooling -15C
Integration Total: 6.2 hours; Ha: 26x300"; OIII: 24x300"; SII: 24x300"
Software Mount Control: EQMOD; Planetarium: Cartes Du Ciel; Acuisition: Sequence Generator Pro; Guiding: PHD2; Platesolving: Pinpoint Polar Alignment: QHY Polemaster; Processing: PixInsight 1.8.6, StarNet++, and Photoshop CS6
RA/DEC Center 308.305, 47.010
Orientation (E of N) 249 degrees
Links Astrobin; WorldWideTelescope
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