My name is Nico.

This website is to showcase my astrophotography, and to share some tips and related miscellany such as light pollution studies. I've decided to focus primarily on large emission nebulae and supernova remnants, as they are possible to capture well from the light polluted skies of my backyard in Somerville, Massachusetts by using narrowband filters.

You can also follow me on youtube, flickr, astrobin, twitter and instagram. While I will usually post my finished images to those channels, my website will include the most descriptive metadata about each image and the objects captured. If you would like to reach me by email, please use: nicocarver [at] gmail [dot] com.

Most images on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. This means you can use the images for any reason you wish as long as you give proper attribution, and only share them with a creative commons license. A proper attribution includes: title, author, license, and link back to this site. I will always list a proper attribution you can just copy on each photo's page.

Disclosure: I am trying out the Amazon and OPT affiliate programs. That means if you buy an item from those retailors through a link on my web site, I get a small percentage of the purchase price as a commission. This doesn't increase your price!

Nico Carver with astrophotgraphy gear in Somerville, MA
Nico with his gear. 3/21/2020. Somerville, MA.
Nico Carver with astrophotgraphy gear in Delaware
Nico with his gear. 10/2018. Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory, Hockessin, DE.